Monday, January 7, 2008

I jsut found a cool gig on 23rd street. If any of you are interested in getting your art work on T-shirts theres a great place: 27PDX.

Basically they have racks of blank shirts people come in and pick out a design from their library of images and get it printed on a shirt right there. You can bring your own shirts and own images, they take most file types and scan as well.

The really cool thing is that they are looking for local artists to put together a book of images entirely by local artists (for people to choose from to print), they only have two people at the moment, and are looking for more.
You get $5 (thats what i was told, i'm not the owner so double check that) from every shirt that they sell with your design on it.
No cost to submit images or have them there, you can pull them any time, they are working on getting a contract drafted.
They also show case artwork for a 25% commision (very good) This might interest some of you (Gabe). They also own a Tea Shop right upstairs from them. Definitely look into this, its an easy way to get your art work out there, nice people, flexible, friendly, and at no cost to you!

Their email is Their names are: Angela and Dominic

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