Saturday, March 29, 2008

almost done!

Hi guys, just wanted to check in and see how things were going. I'm about 3 weeks away from being done with the bitch of a schedule I have had since christmas. A total of 65 paintings needed to be completed between Jan. 6th and April 17th. I have about 16 more to go and it's going pretty well. I must say I haven't had this kind of a work crunch since I was in school (about 5 years ago). It's been tough to say the least.

I've uploaded a few of the images here. Four are from a children's book called "the library ghost" and the other is a novel cover. Both of these jobs are for Penguin Putnam. They have been interesting and I'm changing up my technique some. I've never relied on line before, so I thought I'd give that a go on these projects.

Hope you are all doing well.and really hope I can join you on some of the sketch trips this term!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finals week, not for me :)

So, most of the sketch clubbers have finals to worry about and I feel bad for ya. I on the other hand, I'm just pluggin along. Here are my sketches from this week...

Friday, March 7, 2008


Saturday March 8th
Couch Park on 18th and Glisan if it is Sunny
Pharmacy Cafe on 21st and Glsian if it is raining.

I will be there. Will you?
I like to draw. Do you?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nice to be back

It was nice to kick back and draw without an express purpose. I scribbled some buildings and some people walking by. I have been so busy working in 3d and trying to come up with a concept for dominance war it was nice just to draw just to draw. I'm looking forward to next week! Good job Dan and Gary!

Hey, good day today, it was raining off and on so we met at the Starbuck but sat outside under the awening, worked out pretty good. I think next week if the day is nice Gabe and i were talking about going to the park on 18th? and Glisan, the dog park there. If its bad weather we were going to hit up the Old Pharmacy Cafe on 21st and Glisan.

btw Gary those sketches look great, love the use of color for the highlights

some figure drawing

Still not making it out for the sketch sessions, hopefully I'll be able to again soon. For now, here is some figure stuff