Friday, April 25, 2008

Zoo Trip

Hello all and visitors, there is a Sketch Group Zoo Trip pending, MAX and zoo tickets will be paid by the Art Institute of Portland (this event is only open to students of the Art institute, who are interested in sketching).

This trip is scheduled for the 14th of May, that is a Wednesday, this will be an all day event so if you can't make it till later, or have to leave a little earlier that is fine!

There are only 30 slots available and i know that alteast 15 or so of them are already filled!
If you are interested please contact either Gabrial Olsen, or myself (Daniel Burgess) at: (gabe o.) (daniel b.)

And let it be known you want to go.
Please, only people who are really interested in sketching and not a free ride to the zoo, a week after we have gone we hope to have a display of all the sketches from the trip installed on a wall of the school, either a hallway or perhaps the student commons.

This means we will be asking everyone who attends to send digital copies of the work they did during this trip to me, (daniel burgess) to be displayed, everything will be included, don't be shy!

People are welcomed and encouraged to work more on a piece after the trip, take it to photo shop, give it color, anything, we will put it all up there as long as it was from the zoo trip.

For the display I am thinking of a giraffe sillouet made of yarn (make it look like it was sketched) and all of the spots would be the drawings that people have done, lots of space to fill so come ready to sketch!

-Daniel Burgess

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