Friday, April 4, 2008


If it is raining tomorrow the group will be meeting at the Old Pharmacy Cafe on 21st and Glisan. If the weather is nice and sunny then it is Couch park on 18th and Glisan. 11:00am.

Below are some Nutella repackages I did a couple of days ago. I don't usually do such a cartoony style, but it was fun. My sister called me up and told me her class at college was doing a marketing campaign for Nutella where they needed to market it more for children. I was told they wanted a squirrel, and the turn around time was one day. For payment, I am to receive a few bottles of Nutella in the mail. I have officially hit the big time!


Anonymous said...
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Lee White Illustration said...

hey man, nice drawing.

My only crit would be to maybe vary the color of the squirrel and the branch a little more. They blend together a little too much right now.

Very professional looking image though. Nice!